Where have I been, what I have been doing, and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD THREE MONTHS OF NOTHING!

Friday, May 8, 2009 at 5:14 PM

Laziness. Sloth. Lack of motivation.

Call it what you want, but they all pretty much mean the same thing. The reason this blog of mine has yet to be updated for so very long was for one reason – I was too lazy to do so.

It is most certainly isn’t because I haven’t thought of anything interesting to write about. Quite the opposite in fact. I can remember quite well when my online friend, Skotti, relayed to me how she was banned on Xbox Live just because she mentioned in her profile that she was a Lesbian whom was living with a woman she loved.

I didn’t write about that.

Or I could have written about my frustration in Algebra, how I am forced to study in something that has no use to me at all.

I didn’t write a thing about that either.

OR, if I really wanted, I could have written about how the “joy and celebration” of a black man being elected president really showed just how racist our country is still is.

Why I didn’t write about that is still beyond me.

But this post isn’t about any of those topics. Instead, this post is essentially one big “Last Time, on the ‘Life of Matt’”…

· I went to my first ever Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention! StellarCon, as it was called, was an absolute blast. I played Pen and Paper RPGs for the very first time, I was surrounded by fellow geeks, and I got to know what it was like to be truly welcomed at a place. I had never felt more welcomed in any other place in my life, church included. That should speak volumes about the state of Christianity in America.

· My pastor, believe it or not, was all for a Christ-centered RPG group being hosted at my local church. This was way back in March.

· Watchmen: The Movie. A wonderful adaption of one of the most profound comic books were created. I have serious doubts anyone could do better.

· The RPG Group got started in late April. It is still going on today, but it NEEDS people.

· Helped started a Young Adult (18-30s) small group/bible study called WHAT’S NEXT. Couldn’t stand the name, but I guess that is what is ‘hip’ now. Don’t see the point of it myself.

· May be going to school at ECPI for some sort of major regarding computers. I love technology, and I love English, particularly writing, but I don’t want to make the latter a career.